Introducing Our Latest Innovations : Fluorine Free Foam and Li-ion Battery Extinguisher

Our Products

Our range of products

Fire Hoses

Foam concentrate

UL Listed, EN Approved, LR and MED Approved, BIS Marked

Cafs & Fire Extinguisher

BIS Marked, UL Listed, EN approved Fire extinguisher and Water Mist Extinguisher with Vehicle Mounted system

Fire Trucks

Fire Fighting and Special Rescue vehicles with UL Listed, FM Approved systems

Dry chemical powder

UL, EN, BIS Marked Sodium bi-carbonate, Potassium bi-carbonate, PBC-Urea powder, MAP based ABC Powder, Class-D Powder

fire fighting equipment

UL Listed, BIS Marked Foam Monitor, Nozzle, In-line Inductor, Deluge Valve, Bladder Tank, Bund Pourer, High Expansion Generator etc.

Building Automation & Fire Suppression

UL Listed, FM Approved

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