Our Products

Our range of products

Foam concentrate

AFFF, AR-AFFF, Protein Foam, FP, FFFP, AR-Protein Foam, HX Concentrate, Class A Foam, Wetting agent, Fire Retardant etc.

Cafs & Fire Extinguisher

Portable/ Trolley mounted extinguisher BC, ABC, CO2, Foam, Water etc. and low /high pressure CAFS and Water Mist Extinguisher with Vehicle Mounted system

Fire Trucks

Integrated Fire Protection has established a workshop in Jalpaiguri where we manufacture all types of Fire Fighting and Special Rescue vehicles.

Dry chemical powder

Sodium bi-carbonate, Potassium bi-carbonate, PBC-Urea based BC powder, MAP based ABC Powder, Class-D Powder

fire fighting equipment

Foam Monitor, Foam Nozzle, In-line Inductor, Deluge Valve, Bladder Tank, Foam Pourer, High Expansion Generator, Bund Pourer etc.

Building Automation & Fire Suppression

Integrated Fire Protection Pvt. Ltd. now provides entire BMS and Home Automation software as per the need of the customer. Along with BMS, IFP has now stepped into Fire Suppression System.

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