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IFP-ABC-DCP is Monoammonium Phosphate based Dry Chemical powder, capable to resist influences of climatic extremes both temperature and humidity having the following important characteristic qualities :Non hygroscopic and moisture resistant

  • Non Toxic
  • Non abrasive
  • Non Caking
  • Compatible with foam and other dry chemical powders
  • High specific surface coverage (cm²/gm)
  • Absolutely free flowing

IFP-ABC-DCP are available in three grades depending upon the MAP content. These are ABC-40, ABC-70, ABC-90


IFP-ABC-DCP is a general purpose (universal) dry chemical powder with excellent efficiency to fight all classes of fires i.e. A, B, C, D and E Fires. It is suitable for all types of hand-operated fire extinguishers as well as for mobile extinguishers and fixed installations. As dry propelling agents compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide can be used. When these powders are applied to hot and smouldering surfaces, the particles fuse and swell to form a barrier which excludes oxygen and thereby completes the extinguishing process and prevents re-ignition


Appearance Free Flowing Powder
Colour Pale Yellow
MAP Content 40 – 90%
Apparent Density gm/ml 1.10 to 0.75
Particle size distribution Min Max
0.150 mm 2% 10%
0.075 mm 12% 20%
0.045 mm 18% 30%
Moisture Content, Max 0.25%
Water Repellency, Min 1.5%
Fluidity, gm/sec, Min. 50

Approval and listing

BIS Marked as per IS 4308:2018


  • EN 615

Ordering Information

Part Number     Description                 Volume, m3 (ft3)     Weight (kg)
201021-01       ABC-40, Polythene bag             --              4.0
201021-02       ABC-40,Polythene bag              --              6.0
201021-03       ABC-40,Pail/Can of 25 kg                         26.2
201022-01       ABC-70,Polythene bag              --              4.0
201022-02       ABC-70,Polythene bag              --              6.0
201022-03       ABC-70,Pail/Can of 25 kg                         26.2
201022-01       ABC-90,Polythene bag              --              4.0 
201022-02       ABC-90,Polythene bag              --              6.0 
201022-03       ABC-90,Pail/Can of 25 kg                         26.2
  • UL Approval of Fluorine Free Foam
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Concentrate 2%
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Generators

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