Introducing Our Latest Innovations : Fluorine Free Foam and Li-ion Battery Extinguisher

Product Details

Low Expansion Branchpipe (UL)


  • UL Listed
  • Operates with fresh or sea water.
  • Air aspirating for use with all foam concentrates
  • Produces most effective long lasting foam blanket
  • Spray to straight stream pattern control without shutting off flow
  • Light weight and nozzle pressure within the control of an operator.
  • 5 optimum size port holes of the nozzle ensure uniformity of flow, throw and increase reliability & efficacy during application.

Material of Construction

Model IFP LX 400(J/S)
Foam making body Aluminum Alloy
Mixing tube Aluminum Alloy
Retaining collar                 Aluminum Alloy
Deflector manipulator Aluminum Alloy
Discharge tube Aluminum Alloy
Deflector disc swing arm Stainless Steel
Diffusor Stainless Steel
Nozzle   Aluminum Alloy
Male Coupling                     Stainless Steel

Ordering Information

Part Number    Model           Colour        Weight (kg)
401040         IFP LX 400(J/S) Red/Black         4
  • UL Approval of Fluorine Free Foam
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Concentrate 2%
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Generators

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