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IFP UNILIGHT HX-2% is a non-toxic synthetic foam concentrate made of tensides, stabilizers, antifreeze etc and can be used in all types of high expansion foam generating equipments. IFP UNILIGHT HX-2% is an effective synthetic foam concentrate to extinguish Class A like wood, paper, products, plastics, rubber  etc. & Class B i.e, hydrocarbon fuels. IFP UNILIGHT HX-2% can also be used as Medium Expansion and Low Expansion Foam with suitable equipments. IFP UNILIGHT HX-2% can be useful at different proportioning system for use at 2%.

IFP UNILIGHT HX-2% is most effective for rapid coverage of large surfaces, for total flooding of voluminous areas such as engine and boiler rooms, aircraft hangers, shipyards, onboard ships, cable tunnels and other inaccessible places where application of conventional fire fighting agents is most difficult and water damage must be kept at a minimum. After the area has been secured, foam can be removed by sweeping manually or using compressed air, if available, minimising eventual water damages.


Appearance                          Colourless to light yellow Liquid
pH                                       7.0 – 8.5
Specific Gravity                   1.00 to 1.04 gm/ml
Viscosity                              Less than 100 mm2/s
Sedimentation                     <0.25%
Surface Tension                  24 dynes/cm
Pour Point                          (-)5°C

Approval and Listing

  • UL Listed as per UL 139


  • IMO MSC/CIRC 670
  • ISO 7203-2
  • EN 1568-1&2
  • NFPA 11

Ordering Information

Part Number   Description                      Volume, m3 (ft3)         Weight (kg)
104020-01     Pails/Cans 20L (5.28 Gallon)     0.028 (0.99)               21.8
104020-02     Pails/Cans 30L (7.93 Gallon)     0.040 (1.40)               32.7
104020-03     Barrels 200L (52.84 Gallon)      0.318 (11.23)              215.2
104020-04     IBC Tote 1000L (264.2 Gallon)    1.386 (49.09)              1087
  • UL Approval of AFFF 1% and AR-AFFF 1/3
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Concentrate 2%
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Generators

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