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Product Details

Name : PBC-UREA Dry Chemical Powder, UL Listed


IFP-FIREKILL PUREX is a highly efficient dry chemical powder based on reaction product of potassium bicarbonate and urea, known as potassium allophonate (potassium carbamate). It is one of the most effective agents against B, C & E classes of fires. IFP FIREKILL PUREX dry chemical powder is having low density & fine powder extinguishes fires on large surface area with very high fire knowing down properties. The active ingredient is mixed with additives for improving its fluidity and making it weather resistant. It is compatible with foam concentrates and can be used in twin application.


IFP-FIREKILL PUREX is an efficient extinguishing agent for class B and C fires. It is suitable for combustible liquids and burning gases. It can also be applied on fires involving energized electrical equipment. It is not appropriate for extinguishing metal fires. IFP FIREKILL PUREX dry chemical Classified for physical properties and special applications on Class B flammable liquids having a minimum application density required to be applied to the surface of Class B flammable liquids is 0.128 lb/ft2 (0.62 kg/m2). It may be used in both, hand portable and wheeled extinguishers, vehicles and fixed systems. As propellant, compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide may be used. Due to low apparent density the required charge in extinguisher will be lower. It is designed for used in fire Extinguisher, fixed installation & mobile fire tender System for fighting Class B ,C & E fires.


It is non toxic and harmless to human and animal bodies. Extensive tests have indicated that in normal application no detrimental effect will be experienced.

Storage and Shelf Life

IFP-FIREKILL PUREX is formulated for not being affected by long term storage; it may last up to five years without loosing its typical characteristics. Should be store in a dry location in original pack until required for use to ensure a long storage life. IFP-FIREKILL PUREX uses Special high performance free flowing additives & hydrophobic agents to ensure it withstands extreme climatic condition & provides easy handling during filling operations. However, the powder’s integrity depends on the prevalent storage conditions. It is highly recommended to store in temperature < 50ºC dry places (< 75% relative humidity), avoid sudden weather conditions changes, do not stack the pallets, handle the packages with care and maintain the product in its original, tight sealed packaging until use.

Approvals and Standards

UL Listed (UL 299C and UL-711)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Properties                                                  Specifications
Appearance                                               Free Flowing Powder
Colour                                                      Off white
Apparent Density, gm/ml                        0.79 ± 0.05
Moisture Content, Max.                           0.25%
Water Repellency, Min.                            < 1.5%
Hygroscopicity, Max.                              0.25%

Standard Packing

Standard packing are in 5 kgs /10 kgs./ 25 kgs. (net wt) hermetically sealed polyethylene bags. For safe transportation these bags may be packed in High Density Polythene Drums of suitable sizes.

Ordering Information

Part Number    Description           Volume,m3(ft3)    Weight (kg)
201070-01      Polythene bag/5 kg    --                 5
201070-02      Polythene bag/10 kg   --                10
201070-03      Polythene bag/25 kg   --                25


  • UL Approval of Fluorine Free Foam
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Concentrate 2%
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Generators

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