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About Us

Integrated Fire Protection Private Limited (IFP INDIA, in short) is a private limited company with its head office at Kolkata, India and its manufacturing unit at Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India.

IFP INDIA is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of fire fighting foam concentrates in India, incorporated in the year 1984, with its technical collaboration from Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) AB Sweden, a leading firm in Western Europe in this field. Our commitment is to manufacture and supply of special hazard fire protection products includes fire fighting foam, extinguisher, hand line applicator and dry chemical powder of national / international standard to the customers in India and abroad with strong focus on Customer Satisfaction in product quality and services. In-house R & D Unit of IFP INDIA, recognized by DSIR, Govt. of India, is providing enormous effort for achieving customer satisfaction by continuously improving product quality and development of new products in the field.

IFP INDIA is manufacturing and supplying UL Listed, EN Approved, LR approved, MED approved Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF, AR-AFFF, Fluoroprotein, FFFP, High Expansion (HX) Foam, Fluorine Free Foam etc.), Dry Chemical Powders, Fire Extinguishers, Inductors, Nozzles, Bund Pourers, High Expansion Foam Generators, Monitor, Bladder tank, Deluge Valve and many more since 1984 throughout the globe with its unique product quality.

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