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Synthetic Fluorine Free Foam Concentrate (Alcohol Resistant)


IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 is a specially formulated Fluorine Free non-toxic foam liquid concentrate, free from any fluoro-chemical and fluoropolymers. The highly stable foaming nature of IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 allows the foam to spread across the burning liquid and get control over the fire. It is effective on hydrocarbon fires as well as polar solvent fires. IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 is used at 3×3 proportioned solution on hydrocarbon liquid fires and alcohol fires. It does not contain any fluoro-chemical surfactant and therefore completely free from PFOS, PFOA and its derivatives and therefore complies with Directives (EU) 2017/1000 on PFOA and 2019/1021 (EU POPs directive). It is readily biodegradable and therefore most environment friendly foam and used a multipurpose fire fighting foam agent.


Appearance                          Viscous Liquid
pH                                        7.0 – 8.0
Specific Gravity                    1.02 to 1.05 gm/ml
Viscosity                               2000 ± 300 cps
Freezing Point                      less than (-)5°C


IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 is intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel etc.  at a proportioning rate of 3% with fresh water and salt water. It is also recommended for use on fuels having water solubility like alcohols, ketones etc. with the same proportion rate as 3%.

IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 is suitable for use in special appliances like Crash Tenders/ RIV where rapid extinguishment with limited quantity of foam is required. It can also be used in hydrocarbon storage tanks, process areas, warehouses, tanker loading areas and other local risks involving a spilled fuel fire. It can also be used to combat fires in Class A materials like Wood, Paper, Tyres etc. It can also be used in combination with dry chemical agents to provide even better fire suppression performance.


IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 can easily be proportioned using conventional equipments

  • Fixed and Portable In-line Inductors
  • Balanced Pressure and variable flow proportioning systems.
  • Bladder tanks.
  • Around the pump inductor.
  • Self inducting branchpipes and nozzles.

Discharge Devices

  • Foam chambers
  • Air aspirating foam nozzles.
  • Air aspirating and non air aspirating sprinkler heads and spray nozzles
  • Foam Monitor.
  • Self inducting branchpipes and nozzles.

Storage/Shelf Life

When stored in the supplied packing and stored within the temperature range of 1.7°C – 49°C (35°F – 120°F) a shelf life of 10-15 years is expected. Freezing and thawing will have no impact on the performance.

For storing IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3, the following materials are recommended

SS-304, SS-316, Isophthalic Polyester Resin, Epoxy Resin, High Density Polythylene.

Galvanized pipe and fittings must not be used in areas where undiluted concentrate will contact them since corrosion will result.


IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 is compatible with soft, hard, brackish or salt water.

IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 shall not be mixed with other manufacturer’s foam concentrate except for use in emergency situations

Environmental and Toxicological Information             

IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 is biodegradable, low toxic. However, as with any substance, care should be taken to prevent discharge from entering ground water, surface water, or storm drains. It can be treated in sewage treatment systems. Since facilities vary widely by location, disposal or discharge of IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 concentrate or foam solution should be made in accordance with local government rules and regulations.

For further details see IFP UNILIGHT GREEN AR-SFFF 3×3 Material Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheet.



UL 162 (Underwriters Laboratories)


  • ISO 7203-1&3
  • EN 1568-3&4
  • ICAO Level B
  • NFPA 11

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Volume, m3 (ft3) Weight (kg)
114010-01 Pails/Cans 20L (5.28 Gallon) 0.028 (0.99) 22.0
114010-02 Pails/Cans 30L (7.93 Gallon) 0.040 (1.40) 33.0
114010-03 Barrels 200L (52.84 Gallon) 0.318 (11.23) 217.2
114010-04 IBC Tote 1000L (264.2 Gallon) 1.386 (49.09) 1097


  • UL Approval of Fluorine Free Foam
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Concentrate 2%
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Generators

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