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Name:AFFF 1%


IFP UNILIGHT AFFF TYPE 1C6 (SELF-HEALING), a specially formulated non-toxic, clear liquid with no stratification or turbidity, is a fluoro-chemical foam concentrate, commonly known as AQUEOUS FILM FORMING FOAM CONCENTRATE (AFFF), which represents a major advancement in foam technology for effective extinguishment of Class A and B fires, as Low and Medium expansion foam. IFP UNILIGHT AFFF TYPE 1C6 is a unique combination of fluorochemical with C6 technology and hydrocarbon surfactant along with solvent, stabilizers and preservatives to have a superior fire knockdown performance on all types of hydrocarbon fires. The aqueous film formed spreads rapidly over the fuel surface giving a very rapid control and extinguishment. The inherent self sealing property re-seals any disturbed surface of burning liquid, a great advantage in rapid rescue. IFP UNILIGHT AFFF TYPE 1C6 do not have any PFOS or PFOA or its derivatives.


Appearance                       Amber Colour Liquid
pH                                     7.0 – 8.0
Specific Gravity                 1.03 to 1.05 gm/ml
Viscosity Less than            10 cSt
Spreading Co-efficient       More than 3.5
Sludge Contents (% w/w) Nil
Pour Point                         (-)5°C

Approvals and listing

UL Listed (UL 162)
BIS Marked (IS 4989)
EN Approved (EN 1568-3)


ISO 7203-1
ICAO Level B
UK Defence Standard 42-40/Issue-1
US-MIL F-24385

Ordering Information

Part Number  Description                  Volume, m3 (ft3)    Weight (kg)
102010-01    Pails/Cans 20L (5.28 Gallon)  0.028 (0.99)       22.2
102010-02    Pails/Cans 30L (7.93 Gallon)  0.040 (1.40)       33.3
102010-03    Barrels 200L(52.84 Gallon)    0.318 (11.23)      219.2
102010-04    IBC Tote 1000L (264.2 Gallon) 1.386 (49.09)      1107
  • UL Approval of AFFF 1% and AR-AFFF 1/3
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Concentrate 2%
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Generators

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