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Product Details

High-Expansion Foam Generator (UL LISTED)


The IFP TURBO-HX, High Expansion Foam Generators are powered by a water turbine, constructed with corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 316 grade for use in challenging environment. The generators are designed to expand the foam solution with Expansion ratios from 350:1 to 925:1, depending upon the solution flow rate and the water pressure. The High Expansion Foam Generator requires no other source of power such as electricity or gasoline engines. They are powered by the foam solution driving a hydraulic (water) motor or turbine. The expansion of foam solution is achieved by spraying the solution onto a stainless steel screen, then an air stream created by the fan attached to the motor blows air through the screen to produce a mass of foam bubbles. The continuous flow of the foam solution and the movement of air through the screen will produce large volumes of finished foam.


IFP TURBO-HX 3000    Foam Output 1850 – 3200 cfm

IFP TURBO-HX 10000   Foam Output 6200 – 10500 cfm

IFP TURBO-HX 21000   Foam Output  10400 – 21600 cfm

Approvals and listing

IFP TURBO-HX, High-Expansion Foam Generators are UL Listed for use with IFP UNILIGHT-HX 2% High-Expansion Foam Concentrate for use with both fresh and salt water.

Ordering Information

Part Number     Generator Model       Description            Colour  Weight (kg)
  403040      IFP TURBO-HX 3000    Horizontal or Vertical    Red        75
  403050      IFP TURBO-HX 10000   Horizontal or Vertical    Red       100
  403060      IFP TURBO-HX 21000   Horizontal or Vertical    Red       220
  • UL Approval of Fluorine Free Foam
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Concentrate 2%
  • UL Approval of High Expansion Foam Generators

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